Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Oceanic Viper Fins – Why they are considered to be the Best

There are several scuba diving fins that are being sold right now within the market, both in your local stores and in online shops as well. If you’re looking to purchase for your first scuba fin or replacing your old one, you should consider Oceanic Viper fins.
These fins are considered to be the best, because of the following factors:
1. Made from the flaws of previous scuba fins
Oceanic is a well-known brand when it comes to providing diving gears, including fins. Because of their experience in the market, they have identified flaws on the designs of the previous fins and try to address these flaws. The improvements are applied on the Oceanic Viper fins.
2. Smoother and power propulsion
When it comes to diving fins, you need to get a balance between stiffness and flexibility. The stiffer the fin, the more powerful the propulsion, but it also place a lot of stress on your leg muscles and tire it out faster. Flexibility of fins on the other hand will dictate how easy it is to use the fin through the water. However, too much flexibility reduces power.
The Oceanic Viper is designed to provide balance for both factors. It is quite flexible, and the design allows easier water flow along the blade. This reduces the drag and ultimately lessens the stress on your legs, even when fighting against water currents. At the same time, it allows power when you propel yourself through the water with lesser effort.
3. Available in different sizes and fits any boots
Problems with most scuba fins is that they often only come in two or limited sizes. The Viper comes in four sizes, allowing you to find the right size for you. Also, the streamline design in the foot pockets is compatible with most diving boots that are being sold and you might be planning to wear.

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