Thursday, 19 June 2014

One touch ice cream: How our forefathers made ice-cream without technology

Modern automatic ice-cream maker machines are becoming more and more popular for every household appliance. Making a delicious treat at home is much easier and you can create your own homemade ice-cream for just an instant. These automatic ice-cream makers can also help you to prepare the ice-cream you want with less effort. If you are planning to have an ice-cream business then most definitely you will need a modern time of ice-cream makers in order for you to accommodate large numbers of clients. You can find the best ice-cream maker equipment on the internet with modern features is the one touch ice cream.                


Ice-cream history

Ice-cream has been around for about two centuries ago, back on those days these เครื่องทำไอศครีม are reserved for the elite because the process of creating one is somewhat difficult to make. In the summer season where frozen desserts were on demand, the supply of ice was limited and this makes the ice-cream manufacturers or makers more difficult to produce on the market. Ice had to be collected during the winter season and keep on ice stored house. In the middle of 1800's home ice cream machine was introduced. It consisted with metal cylinder to hold the different ingredients. The ice and rock salt were added to the layer and the handle of the cylinder must be turned continuously to keep the mixture from freezing.

A new era of ice-cream maker machines

Everything has changed with the use of your technology, at the present moment there are many different types of modern ice-cream makers with built in compressor that acts as the mini freezer. Also these machines correct the temperature rate in order to preserve the quality of the flavor with continues mixture of the ice-cream. These models are more expensive rather than the ice-cream maker freezer gel models.Click here to know more about it .

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