Monday, 2 September 2013

Diamond colors

Gem stones amaze people especially those who are fond of jewelries.  Different kinds of gemstones have their own colors and are usually identified by their color.  For many, they know the diamond is a clear gemstone and has no color.  It sparkles like no other gem especially when it is cut at the right angles.


Recently the diamonds started to be offered in different colors.  Note though that the clear or colorless diamond is the most valuable and extremely rare.  The diamonds with colors are classified from letters D to Z.  D to F will have no color, then G,H and I will almost have no color while the rest from J to Z will have faint yellow, very light to light yellow colors.

Champagne diamond

For colored diamonds other than those described above are called fancy color diamonds.  The champagne diamond color is actually brown that has been popular since it was mined in Australia.  It is also called chocolate diamond because of its color.  There are many ways to come out with brown colored diamonds and they are considered synthetic brown diamonds.

The real and natural brown colored diamonds are mined and even have their own scale as to the intensity of color brown they have.  The scale is from C1 to C7, lightest to darkest brown shade.

Synthetic brown diamonds

One way to make brown diamonds is compressing graphite and heating them to high temperatures.  This causes them to be rich in nitrogen to gives a yellow hue.  When nickel is introduced to the nitrogen rick diamond it comes out with a brown color.  The nickel impurity of brown synthetic diamonds makes them identifiable from natural brown diamonds that do not have the impurity. Visit here to find official website

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