Saturday, 24 August 2013

Accurate Data Logging with LogTag

There are several tasks, procedures and researches that need constant monitoring of temperature and/or humidity. For instance, some food and vaccines easily gets spoiled with the slightest drop or rise in the temperature. Before, this is done by manually taking them through thermometers. The reliability depended entirely on the diligence of the assigned individuals or staff.

Thanks to science and technology, this meticulous data recording will not have to be difficult with the invention of LogTag and temperature loggers. The data like the date, time, temperature and humidity is recorded at preset intervals. They can be downloaded in the computer and viewed as graphs or charts.

            Although one can buy such device at an affordable cost these days, the price of a LogTag depends on several factors like:
·         The Brand
·         The Material and Features
·         The Function (temperature recording only or temperature and humidity recording)
·         The Usability (single or multi-use)
·         The Battery Life
·         The temperature and/or humidity range

A small device it may seem but LogTag is an important device as…
¼    It ensures the freshness and preservation of perishable products even if they are processed.
¼    Some chemical reactions in drugs, vaccines and other substances that may cause harmful effects can happen with the slightest change of humidity and temperature.
¼    Some items, like the oil paintings, melt especially with higher temperature and humidity.
¼    In some cases, such devices are used in libraries to preserve books especially the old ones.
¼    Some historical sites and museums contain in them artifacts and articles that needs to be monitored for extreme temperatures and humidity or else they would be ruined.

With the arrival of LogTag, recording of humidity and temperature will not have to be a cycle of miss and hit. This is a great help to manufacturers and collectors all over the world.Visit here to find official website

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